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20 March 2020

●HAPPY SKY焼きたてパンの宅配について

HAPPY SKY BAKERY Home delivery service 


いつもHAPPY SKYをご利用いただき誠にありがとうございます。


●宅配エリアに関して(Delivery Area)

HAPPY SKYのパンのお届けエリアは、ポストコードがW3とW5のエリアになります。

Our driver will deliver your breads  in W3 and W5 area  between 17;00-19;00. 


●宅配日時について(Delivery Time )


Every Friday evening between 17;00-19;00) Our driver will call you in advance. Please come to meet the driver or instruct them where you would like your delivery to be left. We ask that you come to collect for the safety of your food but respect that you might prefer to have the package left at your doorstep for you to pick up.



In case you will not be in at delivery time or if you require the delivery to be left somewhere if you are self-isolating, please add a comment when you reach checkout. There is a blank section to add a delivery comment/request.


●送料について(Delivery fee)

一律2.99ポンドになります/ 2.99 pound fixed


●パンの消費期限について(Used by date)


2days including delivery day (please keep the custard cream bun and sandwiches in the fridge )


●冷凍保存について(Freezable or not)


In order to enjoy your breads from the freezer, please remove the day before and allow them to defrost to room temperature overnight. Your breads will be ready to enjoy at room temperature. If you prefer your breads warm please preheat your oven to 180 and warm the bread for 3 minutes.



●宅配販売に関しるお問い合わせ(contact us)

 7;00-16:00 020-3490-1486(日本人のショップスタップがお電話で対応させていただきます)