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Here is our English Loaf.( Limited Editon 10)

This is a Japanese term for the traditional tin loaf. As the industrial revolution began in England, allowing mass production of baking tins, these were exported and helped form a bread baking tradition in Japan. The loaf that was made with these tins became known as the English Loaf and has kept to a traditional recipe. It is soft and fluffy with a savoury taste. A very versatile bread that is a good match for savoury fillings as a sandwich or with sweet toppings as toast. Delicious!


The Loaf can be frozen to keep longer.

When it is time to eat, you can slowly defrost overnight. Also, You can add frozen slices directly to the toaster if you want to have toast without needing to defrost. Normally one push is enough, but depending on your preference you can add another push if you need more a well-done toast.


English Loaf イギリス食パン(1.5斤)

  • Size : 120mm 120mm 180mm (1.5斤)

    No slice