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We are back!!

It is with great happiness that Happy Sky Bakery is able to announce its reopening. We have listened to the requests of our customers and will be opening initially as a delivery only service from this Friday 1st May. By opening in a delivery only style we are able to ensure that our produce is kept fresh and protected all the way to your door. There will be isolation safe procedures in place to deliver to your address and to call on your supplied number to allow your food to remain safe whilst contact is minimised.


We will be delivering to post code areas on particular days. For example W3 and W5 one day, perhaps W12 and W4 on another day. We will post on our website which areas are being delivered to and on which day. This way you can know which day we are able to deliver to you.


The breads will then be left where you would like, on your doorstep for instance whilst you come to collect. If in a flat we ask that you please come to the main entrance to collect as we are normally not allowed to enter your building. If you will not be in at delivery time or require the delivery to be left in a particular place, please add a comment when you reach checkout for your order. There is a blank section to add comment/request.

Please note that we cannot take responsibility or liability for any damage or loss this may cause.

We will deliver orders between 3pm and 7pm, freshly baked that day. 


Love from everyone at HappySky

Our highly skilled Japanese bakers produce Japanese breads and pastries without adding any unnecessary preservatives. We believe our simply good ingredients gives simply good effects. We bake a little differently everyday to correspond the temperature and humidity to ensure our quality.

Happy sky bakery celebrate the true taste of bread, the way its meant to taste.

Award winning baker Motoko McNulty brings  together the finest ingredients and uses traditional hand-crafting to develop the true flavors of her breads. Motoko’s life long passion for baking and search for the best techniques delivers bread bursting with authentic flavor and consistency.

Bread made with love, to be loved!


ANA Culinary Journey

Opening Hours

Wed. Thur. Fri - 07:00 - 15:00

Sat - 07:00 - 17:00

Sun Mon Tue.  - Closed


94 Askew Road,


United Kingdom

W12 9BL

020 3490 1486
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