Happy sky bakery celebrates the true taste of bread, the way its meant to taste.

Award winning baker Motoko McNulty brings  together the finest ingredients and uses traditional hand-crafting to develop the true flavors of her breads. Motoko’s life long passion for baking and search for the best techniques delivers bread bursting with authentic flavor and consistency.

Bread made with love, to be loved!

(from the left top) Our popular [MATCHA Green tea Custard Cream bread], Japanese traditional Sweets [ADZUKI BEANS PASTE BREAD aka AN-PAN in Japan], [Chicken KATSU sandwich with special Japanese Tonkatsu sauce], [Pumpkin coroquet sandwich]

“Worry free, preservative free bread for you and your loved ones”.

Our highly skilled Japanese bakers produce Japanese breads and pastries without adding any unnecessary preservatives. We believe our simply good ingredients gives simply good effects. We bake a little differently everyday to correspond the temperature and humidity to ensure our quality.


We’d love to see you at our beautiful shop piled high with our handmade breads and cakes. Along with our much loved Japanese breads, you can also pop in to enjoy our specialty teas and coffees.

Since its opening in 2007, Happy Sky Bakery has been delivering its breads and cakes through its delivery business.  We always wanted to have a shop to share our fresh breads out from our oven, and it finally came true.  Our small shop is located in a very charming street with other independent cafes, delis and shops. Please come and visit us.


94 Askew Rd, London, UK. W12 9BL

Nearest underground is Stamford Brook

Nearest bus stop is Askew Road Library/Gayford Rd (bus 266)




Opening Hours

Wednesday to Saturday..................7am - 3pm

Sunday, Monday  and Tuesday .....Closed


Popular Sweets Bread TOP3

Popular Savoury Breads TOP3

Japanese Loaf <SHO KU PAN>


Image coming soon ..... 


Happy Sky is very proud to announce the start of our very own cookery school. It is set launch on the 9th of October 2018. We are so excited to share our skills and knowledge with our friends, customers and anyone who has a love of food!


We will be running an authentic bakery course and we will also be running an authentic Thai cookery course.

Cosmopolitan Japan

ANA presents Culinary Journey


I had a chance to work with Motoko-san for our All Nippon Airways - Luxeat "Culinary Journeys" event in London and was really happy about our collaboration! Happy Sky Bakery bakes the best "shokupan" in London, which we used for our Wagyu katsu sandwiches, prepared by one of yakiniku masters in Japan, Kentaro Nakahara. The bread can easily compare to best bread in Japan. Highly recommended! Aiste Miseviciute (Luxeat)


Time Out London

White Noise

True Loaf magazine

We deliver our fresh baked breads to u!

Our well-known delivery service still continues in Ealing and Acton area. Please check our weekly menus and submit your order a day before delivery. Menu is updated every Saturday for coming week. You can check it from below Online Shop button.

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On Tuesday and Thursday we will delivery our flesh breads to West Acton Area





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Our weekly menu includes our beloved "Biscuit Monster" series and Japanese standard breads such as "An-pan" and "Custard cream bread".  We also list the Happy Sky original breads!

Happy Skyの一番人気「メロンパン」「チョコチップメロンパン」自家製オーガニックあんがぎっしりつまった「あんぱん」や、「カスタードクリームパン」などの日本の定番菓子パンメニューをはじめ、「オレオカスタードクリーム」、ホイップクリームをサンドした「しましまホイップ」などHappy Sky のオリジナルパンも満載。   


Our savory line-up includes "Frankfurter", "Ham & Egg", "Chicken Curry" and more!

We make bespoke cakes.  Our heavenly bouncy sponge cake with berries is a beloved option for birthdays.  You can also add any characters of your choice made by chocolate on top of it to surprise your beloved ones.



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Party and Catering Menus

What about having our breads and cakes for your next getting together?  We can arrange our savory and sweet bread for lunch, can prepare our scones and cakes for afternoon



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Our motto is "Worry free, preservative free bread for you and your loved ones". It is not about quantity but quality. We are proud to be a small bakery because we care what we bake.