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Happy Sky Bakery is proud to introduce our highest grade loaf, the Tokyo Milk Loaf. Made using our special high temperature, deep fermentation technique. It is a loaf with a consistency beyond that of ordinary bread. This unique bread has a wonderful pillowy softness and fine fluffy texture. Unlike most modern bread production we insist upon using only pure, whole ingredients and no chemical short-cut methods. This achieves what we consider to be the pinnacle of taste and consistency. Suitable as simple fresh-serve bread, or for toasting, it compliments any sandwich filling. Enjoyed best in sliced widths of 12.50mm or 20mm. This is our finest loaf, now available in wholesale quantities.
We look forward to your enjoyment of our craftsmanship...


Here is our English Loaf. 

This is a Japanese term for the traditional tin loaf. As the industrial revolution began in England, allowing mass production of baking tins, these were exported and helped form a bread baking tradition in Japan. The loaf that was made with these tins became known as the English Loaf and has kept to a traditional recipe. It is soft and fluffy with a savoury taste. A very versatile bread that is a good match for savoury fillings as a sandwich or with sweet toppings as toast. Delicious!

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