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Our Bread

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Good bye unnecessary preservatives!

When you take a close look at a package of bread, you may wonder so many unfamiliar ingredients on it - antioxidant, PH control chemicals, preservatives, food emulsifier... Almost sound like a magic spell.  But why?  

It is not for the people who eat them.  it is for producers.  It is for efficiency.  


That is why we started our bakery.

HAPPY SKY started in 2008 because we wanted to bake what we can proudly say worry  free and preservatives free for someone we love.  Our highly skilled Japanese bakers produce Japanese breads and pastries without adding any unnecessary preservatives.  Other materials such as red bean paste or custard cream are homemade and from carefully picked ingredients.

We do not want to have any magic spells on our ingredients, but want to bake simply with flour, eggs, milk, butter, and yeast.  


To symbolise our motto "Worry free, preservative free bread for you and your loved ones", HAPPY SKY's logo features a milk bottle and two babies. We hope to produce breads that pamper you.  To do it, we select our ingredients and adjust our production process depending on the weather and temperature.  

​Our History 

Established in London in 2008, started Japanese bread and cake delivery business in Ealing area.

Extended its business for catering and started school meal supply for Japanese kindergartens in 2009.  

Opened a bakery cafe on Askew Road, London in 2015. 

HAPPY SKY BAKERY Ltd registered in Companies House in 2015. 

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